The Kern County Story from Recurrent Energy on Vimeo.

Documentary 10-min. video about solar’s economic and community impact in Kern County, Calif., and Recurrent’s history in the region: Click here to tweet.

Smart Connected Chiller and the Technician: 2-minute video about Johnson Controls smart chillers, the Microsoft cloud, and the technician that cares for them. Click to tweet!

Solar in the Community - the Tranquillity Project from Recurrent Energy on Vimeo.

Documentary 4-minute video about economic/jobs impact of Recurrent Energy's Tranquility project in Fresno County, Calif.: Click here to tweet! 

Documentary 2-minute video on Amazon Wind Farm Central in Paulding County, Ohio: Click here to tweet!

2:30-minute video on how an energy efficiency audit helped one brewery save money and energy. Click here to tweet!

Documentary 2-minute video on Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge in Benton County, Indiana: Click here to tweet!

Promotional 2-minute video from Solar Foundation on solar jobs: Click here to tweet!

Educational 5-minute video on energy efficient engineering. Click to tweet!

The Great Big Story: Journalistic 6-minute video on what it’s like to be a wind turbine technician, Jessica Kilroy, “The Wind Climber”: Click to tweet!

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The Weather Channel: Journalistic 3-minute video on “Turbine Cowboys,” engineers. (Embedding disabled; click through to watch): Click to tweet!

A Day at the Office: Self-made 2-minute video of a wind turbine technician: Click to tweet!