An economic assessment of applying stimulus funds to advanced energy technologies, products, and services in California

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 9.09.56 AMThis report quantifies significant economic benefits associated with investments in advanced clean energy deployment for the state of California. The report, which was produced by international economics consultant Analysis Group for AEE, used an industry-standard modeling tool to estimate the impact of investing state or federal stimulus funds in advanced energy technologies, products, and services to boost economic activity in the wake of the COVID-19 slowdown.

The analysis shows the impact of investing $100 billion of public investment dollars in California, allocated across a range of advanced energy technologies, including hundreds of billions of dollars in Gross State Product, the portion attracted from private investment, jobs created, increased annual tax revenues to local and state governments; and saving to consumers annually.

As California considers public stimulus to drive economic recovery from the COVID-19 health crisis, this report shows the significant impact the advanced energy industry can have while helping the state increase its clean energy options and meet emissions reduction targets.

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