The U.S. electric transportation (ET) market is growing rapidly. As of 2020, nearly 1.8 million electric vehicles (EVs) were registered in the U.S.—more than three times as many as in 2016. Today, there are 15+ EV models for sale, with dozens of new models arriving in the next few years. It’s clear that transportation is going electric, and Arizona is set up to benefit as the state becomes a booming ET manufacturing and incubator hub.

This fact sheet provides an overview of ET activity in Arizona and highlights policy opportunities to attract additional private investment and jobs to the state.

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Take a peek into the report's key findings:

  • In 2019, there were 2,000 Electric Transportation (ET)-related workers in Arizona. This workforce is similar in size to the ET workforce in Washington, Minnesota, and Colorado. az state pic
  • The national ET workforce is projected to nearly double by 2024. Given the rapidly developing ET industry in Arizona, local job growth could be even greater. There are companies currently building facilities that will add thousands of jobs, like battery manufacturer KORE Power, which plans to add 3,000 new jobs by spring 2023.

  • Growth in ET jobs presents an economic opportunity for those that take advantage. National ET activity accounted for $29 billion in Gross Domestic Product in 2019.

  • Training and education programs geared toward ET workforce development are critical. Arizona would benefit from expanding access to training and education with a focus on underrepresented workers and those in rural areas. Senator Kelly emphasized this in his first Senate address in August 2021.

  • Establishing market certainty with long-term policy commitments will help Arizona take advantage of ET jobs and economic benefits. Clear policy goals and a business-friendly regulatory environment for the ET industry will attract additional investment to the state.