Advanced Energy Economy engaged BW Research Partnership to examine the economic and job potential related to the development of the Electric Transportation (ET) industry in California, focusing on opportunities for businesses and workers to become involved in the automotive supply chain as the industry goes electric.

Market trends and political tailwinds suggest ET in California is poised to see a tremendous expansion in the coming years. California is already well-positioned for this growth, with well-established design and manufacturing firms operating at the cutting-edge and producing goods that combine sophisticated software and hardware.

This report helps illuminate the current state of the ET economy in California, underscoring the current strengths, challenges, and opportunities as the sector continues to grow — the power of the present opportunity, the power of EVs, the power of now. 

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Take a peek into the report's key findings:

  • With an estimated 3,900 ET-related businesses in 2019, California is the leading state in electric transportation.

    CA ET Jobs Map 2019 (2)
  • The ET workforce is projected to see strong growth.

  • ET activity accounted for $4.5 billion in Gross State Product (GSP) in 2019.

  • California has a robust and growing workforce in Adjacent and Support Industries.

  • Secondary Adjacent and Support Industries face the challenge of an aging workforce, but there are several training and education programs geared towards ET workforce development.

  • Establishing long-term policy and market certainty will help the state retain its leading position in ET jobs and economic benefits.

  • Lithium extraction near the Salton Sea presents an opportunity to expand the California ET economy into a new sector.


Projected ET Employment and Share of Electric Vehicles (EVs) Sales

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