In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, states will need to make decisions about where and how to invest potential stimulus funding from the federal government to get their economies moving again. 

Focusing stimulus spending on programs and infrastructure in advanced energy technologies can generate economic activity and create good jobs for New Mexicans, while also helping New Mexico achieve its energy and climate goals. 

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This report focuses on one way in which government stimulus dollars could be put to work in the state of New Mexico – investment in advanced energy technologies. 

To learn more about how this investment can increase economic activity and employment in New Mexico, fill out the form to download the report.

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Key Take-Aways
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An investment of $20 billion in advanced energy technologies would:

  • Add over $117 billion to the New Mexico economy;
  • Create almost 800,000 new jobs (in job years);
  • Generate $7.5 billion in annual tax revenue at local and state levels of government; and
  • Save consumers nearly $6 billion annually on energy costs.