Texas frozen

Search for Resilience: Texas Blackouts, Policy Fallout, and How Advanced Energy Can Help

Recorded on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 

The blackouts resulting from the record freeze in Texas are driving regulators and lawmakers in Texas and around the country to search for answers: How can we keep the lights on when severe weather strikes?

In this webinar, we looked at the policy fallout – investigations, shakeups, proposals for fixes good and bad – from this latest example of grid vulnerability and explored all the ways that advanced energy technologies can make households, community institutions, and the grid itself more resilient in the face of threats ranging from hurricanes to wildfires to blasts of winter cold.


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Eric Fitz

Eric Fitz

General Manager
AEE PowerSuite (Moderator)


Jeff Dennis

Jeff Dennis

General Counsel and Managing Director


Suzanne Bertin
Suzanne Bertin

Managing Director
Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance 


Amy-Heart-Headshot (2)

Amy Heart

Senior Director of Public Policy



Chris Pasch

Senior Portfolio Manager