AEE's State Tool for Electricity Emissions Reduction (STEER)

AEEI's State Tool for Electricity Emissions Reduction (STEER) is an open access integrated resource planning model, developed for analyzing least-cost strategies to implement the Clean Power Plan. It automatically calculates the least-cost plan given policy options, load and technology price forecasts. All data, inputs, and formulae are visible to user and can be modified as necessary. 

The principal purpose of STEER is to facilitate access to data and integrated resource planning analysis for all stakeholders as states plan Clean Power Plan implementation.

STEER Michigan, STEER Pennsylvania, STEER Arkansas, STEER Virginia, and STEER Illinois are currently available, and a version of the STEER model for Florida will be made available over the coming weeks. STEER Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Virginia, and Illinois have been updated to reflect changes in the final Clean Power Plan released by U.S. EPA in August 2015. We encourage you to download the model and work with it directly.

On this page, you can download results of specific scenarios for each state, and you can go to each state's page to download the model itself. We will contact you when updates to the model are available.


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